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Bangles from India have become the rage of the year. Nothing suits the graceful look better. Though the traditional Indian Bangles were made of glass, with the passage of time, these are now made from a variety of materials. You'll find them in everything from wood to mother-of-pearl to metal (aluminium, antique, bracelet) and in every color and texture.

Some bangles have a tassel hanging on to them, giving the complete ethnic look.

Glittery, Colourful, unbreakable bangles and bracelets go well with your dresses.

beautiful bangle stands to display them in your boutiques,showrooms,parlours and shops
Velvet or embroidered resin cases
to carry these delicate bangles while you are travelling

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Metal Bangles

Indian Bangles with Glitter BG1000 | Glass Look Metal Bangles BG1001 | Multicolor Indian Bangles BG1002 | Golden glitter Indian Bangles BG1003 | Multiglitter thick Indian Bangle BG1004 | Thin Indian Bangles with silver glitters BG1005 | Indian metal Bangles with golden glitter BG1006 | Wide Indian Glitter bangles BG1007 | Metallic Indian Bangles Set BG1013 | Indian Bangles with hints of silver glitter BG1014 | Indian Bangles with hints of golden glitter BG1015 | Indian Bangles Grace BG1016 | True Indian Bangles BG1017 | Thin Silver Bangles with hammered accents BG1019 | Silver Bangles BG1020 | Thin Silver Bangles with Glitter BG1021 | Zig Zag Silver Bangles with glitter BG1022 | Zig Zag Silver Bangles BG1023 | Simplicity with glitter Indian Bangle BG1024 |

Resin Bangles

Black resin Indian Bangles with mirror insets BG1008 | Red Indian resin bangles with golden motifs BG1009 | Multicolored wide resin bangles BG1010 | Colorful Wide Indian Bangle studded with mirrors and beads BG1011 |

Bangle Displays

Parallel Bars Large Bangle Display BG2000 | Parallel Bars Lotus Bangle Display BG2003 | Bangles Carrying Case BG2002 | Wooden Bangles Display - Small | Wooden Bangles Display - Medium | Wooden Bangles Display - Big

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