One card full ( approximately 75 bodydots ) all in different colours and different latest designs. Flowers, sun, snake, star, Om, spears, swan, diamond etc. etc. every possible design on fine plastic.

( Item No. GP Plastic )


One card full ( approximately 100 bodydots ) all on printed velvet base of different colours and different designs. Delicate bead and glass work done. Available in different colours and shades.
( Item No. GP Fancy )

 One card full ( approximately 100 bodydots ), a mixed design card with all bead, glass,velvet, plastic wire work done. No two dots are alike. All of them in different shapes, sizes and colours.
( Item No. GP Mixed )



One card full of Body Dots -in different designs - heart, spiral, oval, drop, snakes, stars, round etc. All mixed. You name it and it's there. Each Dot has a holographic effect.
( Item No. GP Holographic )


 ( Item No. Bridal )

One card full of identical small dots and one large dot. Here in INDIA, it is used during marriages to decorate the brides forehead.

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